Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is an underground, unsigned musician, songwriter and artist from the UK. playing folk, blues, country and bluegrass music.  This website gives fans news on tour dates, songs, upcoming gigs, record releases and merchandise as well as links to social media.

At sixteen, I was working in a pub as my first job.  If it was quiet, I would often lean on the bar and doodle.  Once the landlord found out that I liked to "play with crayons" he gave me a tin of blackboard paint and some chalk pens and let me loose on the place.

Since then I have painted signs for shops and cafe's across the UK and discovered a huge network of people who are keeping the traditions of sign painting alive. I continue to work on improving my skills and am currently developing my freehand brush technique

If you would like to discuss a sign writing job or ask about my rates, please get in touch through the contact page